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We offer advice and provide the steel wire ropes and accessories that meet the requirements of their intended use at all level of your production line.

  • Steel Wire Rope

    • Non-rotating: 19x7, 35x7 compacted in galvanized or bright steel
    • Polyamide-coated or plasticized: 1x7, 1x19, 1x37, 6x7
    • Lifting: 6x7, 6x19, 6x25, 6x36, 6x37, 7x7, 7x19 in galvanized or bright steel - 8x26, 8x36 compacted (plastic impregnation)
    • Specific:
      • Stainless steel AISI 316: 1x19 (PVC-coated), 7x7, 7x19
      • Bright or galvanized steel: 6x25[S], 6x36[WS], 6x47[WS], 6 triangular strands of (12+12 or 12+16) wires (for blast furnace elevators)

    See product sheets

  • Chain

    • Lifting: GRADE 80-100
    • Others: DIN 5684-8 in galvanized steel or calibrated stainless
  • Strap

    • Lashing: with tie ratchet
    • Lifting: flat and tubular
  • Ropes

    • Polyamide: 3- and 8-strand hawser, semi-static (EN 1891)
    • Polypropylene: 8-strand hawser
  • Accessories

    • Lifting: free lashing/lifting, hoist, clamp, lifting system, others
    • For steel wire ropes: lifting ring, hook, connecting link, shackle, pulley/block, others
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