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History of Câbleries Namuroises


Founded more than 90 years ago in Namur, Câbleries Namuroises are manufacturers and wholesalers specialized in steel wire ropes, ropes, chains, straps and all types of lifting accessories.

Active throughout the world, we guarantee quality products and services at highly competitive prices.


Creation of Câbleries Namuroises steel wire rope manufacturing company near Namur train station - Steel wire ropes used primarily by the local mines.


Acquisition of the factory by the Malevez family in order to enlarge it and meet the needs of the region’s coal mining industry - Move to the outskirts of the city (Jambes).


Start of exporting activities to the Netherlands, northern France and the former colonies, due to the gradual phasing out of coal mines.


Internationalization of purchases and sales - Trade policy intensified throughout the world.


High value-added, products carefully selected according to their qualities and price, always meeting the specific needs of our clients.


Installation in the Fernelmont industrial park (15 km to the east of Namur) - «Zero energy» offices of 900 m², isolated 330 m² workshop and 3,600 m² warehouse.


Câbleries Namuroises passes a very important milestone!

The company, now called CabNam SRL, has been acquired by Ropenhagen A/S, Europe's leading steel cable distributor. This partnership with Ropenhagen A/S is a fantastic opportunity for Câbleries Namuroises to grow, strengthen and explore new horizons. 


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